Pop legend Roxette helped this Polish TV journalist and his boyfriend come out in a super-cute video

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A television journalist from Poland has revealed that he inadvertently publicly came out as gay when a video of him lip-syncing to Roxette with his boyfriend went viral.

The video was shared originally just to friends by TV journalist Jakub Hajduk last week.


It featured he and his boyfriend of 7 years David on holiday to the Baltic Sea, and went from being a project just for them to being shared by the artist Roxette.

The lip-sync video to Roxette’s new track ‘Some Other Summer’ took them three days to film, and Jakub said when it was done, David convinced him they should come out using the video.

Shared to friends at first, the video was eventually posted by the Roxette on its Facebook page which boasts nearly 2 million likes.

Since then it has been viewed thousands of times.

Hajduk tells PinkNews: “My friends’ reaction was fantastic. I was afraid a bit because you know it’s Poland, but we had only positive feedback from our friend”.

“All my life I really cared what people say. What my parents say, what my friends say and I had to keep my private life in the dark. Nowadays I really learnt not to care. Coming out for both of us it was like making ourselves free. Instead of being afraid that someone find out who we are, now we want to be proud of who we are.

He says, while same-sex marriage is not legal in Poland and they have encountered obstacles to marrying abroad, they plan to celebrate their union anyway, and will sign papers with a solicitor to ensure they have as much legal protection as possible.

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“It all makes us smile :))) Really. That’s funny, that’s cute. I think this people reaction made us braver and more confident that we did right but that’s all”

Check out the video featuring Jakub and David below: