This couple fought back against homophobia and it was amazing

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A Polish couple have fought back after receiving death threats for creating a coming out video.

Polish TV presenter and journalist Jakub Kwieciński and his partner David, shot the adorable coming out video over 3 days in July at the Baltic Sea.

This couple fought back against homophobia and it was amazing

However, the couple were sent abusive messages online. The couple were told to “cut their throats”, whilst other said that they wanted to “send them to the gas chamber.”

The couple also received private messages on their Facebook accounts with people telling them “your neighbours will come after you” and “you two should be burnt at the stake like witches. Go to hell.”

Following the threats, the couple vowed to never open themselves up for criticism again.

Hajduk described the comments as devastating. “It’s not just homophobia – it’s homo-agression,” he told PinkNews.

However, they couple have made a last ditch effort to show that the hateful abuse didn’t break them down, in the form of another beautiful video.

The new lip sync video has been created with the couples friends and family who supported them both through the ordeal.

Mostly other LGBT couples appear in the video but David’s mother, who discovered the original negative comments, also makes a cameo.

Jakub said: “We asked our friends to take part to show that we weren’t left on our own. There was a time we really needed somebody and they were there for us.”

“We invited them to the video to show people that everyone needs somebody. No matter if it’s a boy, girl, gay, lesbian or straight. What really counts is love,” he added.

The couple will continue to fight homophobia in Poland, but have said the new video is the last chapter in this story.

David said: “We had some really bad moments but we survived with a huge help from our families and friends. They encouraged us not to give up.”

“We didn’t plan another video but the funny thing is that all the threats motivated us to do it. We just thought if we didn’t do it all the haters would have thought that they broke us. We couldn’t let this happen.”

You can watch the full video here: