Police probe gay bar threats from thug who wanted to go ‘bigger than Orlando’

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Police have urged “extreme caution” after threats to attack gay bars in Wilton Manors, Florida.

NBC reports a number of gay bars in the Florida area are stepping up their security after a thug took to Facebook to promise he was planning an attack bigger than the Orlando massacre.

A man by the name of Craig Jungwirth posted: “If you losers thought the Pulse Nightclub shooting was bad, wait ’til you see what I’m planning for Labor Day.

I’m gonna be LOLing you faggots faster than cops kill n****rs. It’s time to clean up Wilton Manors from all you AIDS-infested losers.”

In response to the online threats, some bars in the local area are taking extra precautions.

Nick Berry, owner of Rumors Bar and Grill, said he had encountered Jungwirth in the past over a vandalism incident, and took the threats seriously.

He said: “He wants to do bigger than the Orlando massacre and he wants to come down here and do it in Wilton Manors.

“I kind of know that this guy could have it in him to do this. I believe he has some mental issues.

“To post something like that, you have to be mentally deranged.”

Jungwirth already has a long criminal record and a number of restraining orders.

Police are investigating the threats but ruled out an arrest.

A spokesperson said: “If anyone comes into contact with Jungwith use extreme caution and notify WMPD Detective Sergeant Frank Pilewski. No probably cause exists at this time for his arrest.”

An earlier statement said: “The Wilton Manors Police Department (WMPD) takes all matters seriously especially when someone threatens the lives of the Wilton Manors Community to include our residents, business owners/employees, visitors, and the surrounding communities.

“The Wilton Manors Police Department is aware of this serious matter and our department is currently conducting an on-going investigation on this matter and the individual(s) involved.

“Due to the on-going investigation we are unable to provide any details about the investigation and what current information our department has learned about this matter and the individual(s) involved at this time.

“Please know that our Police Officers and Detectives are thoroughly investigating this serious matter and we ask the community to continue to contact local law enforcement officials should they hear or see any other additional posts on Social Media/new threats made by these individual(s) or anyone else.”