Trans advocate actor shot and hospitalised in Pakistan

A trans rights activist and actor has been shot and injured in Peshawar, Pakistan.

The victim Didar, named by the Express Tribune, was shot in the hand and taken to the Khyber Teaching Hospital.

She was later pronounced stable.

A fellow activist Tamure Kamal told the Tribune that the famed dancer and actor is an activist for trans rights.

He said: “She has been shot and taken to hospital”, adding that violence against transgender people was on the rise.

“She is slightly injured and her life is out of danger. She has yet to nominate someone in the FIR,” he added.

Didar apparently loaned money to a man who shot at her when she arrived at his house to ask for it back.

But according to the Tribune, some witnesses said Didar’s injuries were self-inflicted.

Police earlier this year arrested a man suspected of shooting a trans activist who died in hospital from her injuries, after staff deliberated over which ward to place her in.

The trans activist named Alesha died in Peshawar’s Lady Reading Hostpital amid the ordeal. She had been shot at least six times, and later died from her injuries.

The Minister for Information Mushtaq Ghani has said the local government planned to introduced protections for the trans community.