Teen terror suspect allegedly ‘plotted bomb attack on Elton John concert’

A teenage terror suspect has been accused of plotting an attack on an Elton John concert, a court has heard.

19-year-old Haroon Ali-Syed appeared at  Westminster Magistrates’ Court this week to face charges of preparing acts of terrorism, between April 12 and September 9 this year.

Ali-Syed allegedly plotted a terror attack in central London – using a home-made bomb with a remote timer following instructions published by Jihadis online.

The court heard that he earmarked a number of potential targets, researching details of an Elton John concert in Hyde Park.

Sir Elton’s concert took place over the weekend without incident, marking the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

According to the Times and Mail, he also considered an attack in Oxford Street, London’s main shopping district, or outside Buckingham Palace.

However, the plan was foiled when he unwittingly made contact with an undercover police officer.

Prosecutor Thomas Halpin said that the teen had researched online how “to make an incendiary explosive device”.

He added: “His internet searches show he is searching busy places in London. Oxford Street, upcoming events in London.

“He is looking at internet searches. Where are soldiers in the UK, London’s top ten most crowded boroughs, Buckingham Palace, Royal Marines Reserve, City of London.”


Ali-Syed was arrested last Thursday. No weapons or bomb-making materials were recovered.

Two other men were also arrested in raids alongside Mr Syed. One of the men was arrested on suspicion of preparing a terrorist act and failing to disclose information regarding an act of terrorism, while the other was arrested on suspicion of a religiously aggravated offence.

Both have since been bailed. Ali-Syed has been remanded in custody.

The next hearing takes place at the Old Bailey next Monday.

The case continues. Comments have been disabled for legal reasons.