Church accidentally screens gay film ‘In & Out’ instead of Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’

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A local church had a rather awkward mix-up with their planned family film screening.

A Reddit user shared the mix-up which happened at a church in a very conservative town.

The church had intended to show Pixar’s 2015 animated hit Inside Out, which features a little girl’s five emotions struggling to bring her up.

However, due to some unfathomable crossed wires, they accidentally ended up advertising a screening of 1997’s gay romantic comedy In & Out, which stars Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck.

The film was strongly opposed by ‘traditional’ religious groups at the time, due to its gay romance plot and on-screen kissing between Selleck and Kline.

They added: “So I’m out walking and pass a local church whose digital sign is advertising movie night – ‘In & Out’ on September 23rd. I say to myself ‘That’s awesome!’

“And then I think, ‘That can’t possibly be right.’ I check their website… They’re showing ‘Inside Out’.”

The kindly user did try and warn the church, but was met with “silence”,

All’s well that ends well, though – the user checked out In & Out and confirmed that it was a “great movie”.

But what would Jesus say?