German drag queen to press charges against right wing party for comparing gays to paedophiles

Germany’s answer to RuPaul is pressing charges against a right wing party for comparing gay people to paedophiles.

Olivia Jones, the German drag queen who dubbed RuPaul, released a statement on her website that was addressed to the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

The German Drag queen filed charges against the chairman for the AfD Saxony Anhalt branch, André Poggenburg, after he shared an image on the AfD facebook that Jones found highly offensive.

Jones’ is pressing charges against the right wing party for putting homosexuality and paedophilia in close connection.

The post she is suing them over is a response by the AfD to the news that the Ministry of Equality would be publishing a leaflet aimed at nurseries and primary schools.

The leaflet recommended age appropriate books about homosexuality and same-sex relationships. Jone’s own book is listed in the leaflet.

The AfD posted a statement on Facebook claiming the leaflet would “endanger children’s welfare and emotional integrity.”

The image that was published alongside the statement depicted a book with the title ‘new educational reading for children’. The text reads “write down your seven erotic scenarios with an adult.” Above a picture of a rainbow on the left hand side it says “how can I have sex as a child? Five steps, easily explained.” Underneath it reads “Today: here’s why you’re actually a homo.”

Jones’ responded to the hateful post on her website. She acknowledged that people are allowed to have their own opinions, but felt the AfD’s post was not an opinion – rather, a hate speech.

She wrote: “Yes, you’re allowed to have different opinions in a democracy, and I’m doing my best to take even the most absurd fears seriously.”

“But when homosexuality is linked to pedophilia, on the AfD Saxony-Anhalt’s party and faction Facebook page, then that’s not a question of differing opinions, for me, but hate speech.”

“Millions of people had to and still have to suffer under such ‘humour’. People who didn’t choose their homosexuality, who weren’t ‘made’ but born gay.”

The queen even offered to send a copy of her own book to the faction’s office, and went as far as offering to read it to the members to really drive her point home.

“How is it children’s fault if you, as adults, always have to think of sex when talking about love. Think first, then talk, don’t always lump everything together and keep a sense of proportion, for once – or it won’t be long until we have the next stake.”

“The world needs firefighters. We have enough arsonists already. So stop playing with fire already.”