Watch Angela Lansbury sing Beauty and the Beast because it’s awesome

Angela Lansbury just reprised her role as Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast and it’s incredible.

The 90-year-old Dame Angela has shown that age is just a number at a 25th anniversary of the iconic Disney film.

Appearing at the Lincoln Centre in New York alongside a number of other cast members, the nonagenarian made a surprise appearance on stage with composer Alan Menken on the piano.

The star even added the closing line, “off to the cupboard with you now, Chip. It’s past your bedtime.”

Talking to reporters at the event, Dame Angela said the film was probably one of the most memorable from her career.

“It’s never been very far away from me,” she added. “It will be remembered, I think, as one of the great movies I will be remembered for. Among the movies I will be remembered for, I’d say this is number one or two.”

We weren’t the only ones to go mad over it, though. Unsurprisingly, social media exploded too.

On Twitter, Jon Risinger said: “I’m not crying in my bed at one in the morning hugging my dog.”

Another added: “I can’t help but tear up hearing Angela Lansbury sing that song. My [sic] grandmother would sing that to me a lot and Angela reminds me of her.”

Watch Dame Angela’s performance below

Watch the clip of the song from the film below