A woman is suing a sex toy manufacturer for spying

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A woman has filed a lawsuit against a sex toy manufacturer for spying on her.

The lawsuit claims that the smart sex toy manufacturer company, Standard Innovation, was keeping tabs on customers intimate data.


The innovative We-Vibe 4 Plus toy was collecting very specific and private information about users using the app including their preferred vibration setting and body temperatures.

The toys can be remotely controlled through a smartphone app. The app allows people who are not in the same place to exchange messages, start video chats and remotely control the device despite being in a different location.

The basis of the lawsuit is the fact that the company did not disclose that this personal information would be monitored so people were unaware their use of the toy was being tracked.

Large tech companies including Microsoft and Apple ask for permission to receive diagnostic reports to use for analysis.

Eve-Lynn Rapp, an attorney at Edelson law firm who filed the law suit, said to Sputnik News that the device was also tracking IP addresses.

Rapp explained that the company was using this information to increase market share and sale of their products. “Given how personal the information is what the company was doing is inappropriate,” she said.

The unidentified woman from Illinois claims the producer violated its clients privacy by collecting information on their preferences and other sensitive data without asking for permission.

The sex toy and its remote control app enable users to customise settings to suit their preferences. The claimant said, the company concealed its data collection program from its users.

The company has since clarified its terms of service and allowed users to opt out of the data tracking aspects of the device.