This trans person had the best response when they were turned away from changing rooms

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This trans gender fluid person had the best response when Urban Outfitters denied them access to their preferred changing room.

Nicholas Gorham was shopping in Urban Outfitters L.A with their cis-gender female friend, Tamara. Nicholas, who always wears female clothing, always tries their clothes on in female changing rooms.

This trans person had the best response when they were turned away from changing rooms

Whilst their friend was allowed into the changing room, Gorham was led away by the attendant to a different area.

The attendant blamed store policy and the presence of young girls in the changing area for leading gotham away. “Well the thing is there are young girls over there so I can’t really. It’s just that it’s the policy.”

Whilst Gorham currently isn’t on hormone treatment, they have identified with the she/they pronouns for years. They explained their trans identity to the attendant, who eventually led Gorham to a changing room in the women’s area, but at the opposite end from their friend on the edge.

Gorham said their heart was racing as all of their insecurities rushed to the surface and they feared trying to live as an authentic person.

“It just felt like a huge slap in the face to the entire trans and queer community and all the progress that’s been made over the last years. I felt quite paralysed by the whole experience and wasn’t thinking clearly enough to make those subtler points,” they said.

Since the incident, Gorham has contacted Urban Outfitters.

“They’ve said they are sorry that I felt ‘uncomfortable’ which, in my view, is a pretty laughable response. At this point, they seem to be taking it as a relatively mild issue,” Gorham says.

“I hope to talk with them more about it and come to a resolution that everyone’s happy with. I see no great benefit in going on a negative attack and hopefully they will come around and agree that a respectful dialogue is best. I think that’s the best way to achieve real lasting growth in our world.”

They also spoke out about shops taking on regulations similar to those seen in New York.

“New York City has got it right. By law, anyone can now use the single occupancy bathrooms and dressing rooms that align with their gender identity. There’s no question. However, in a place that hasn’t yet passed such laws, companies should be adopting these regulations regardless.”

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