WATCH: This little girl’s rant about Tesco’s sexist clothing is amazing

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A little girl hit the nail on the head when she had a rant about the clothes on offer in Tesco.

Daisy Edmonds, who is just 8 years old, was shopping the Tesco’s clothing range when she became annoyed at the differences between the ‘girls’ clothes and the ‘boys’ clothes.

WATCH: This little girl’s rant about Tesco’s sexist clothing is amazing

The little girl who is from Wiltshire couldn’t understand the differences in slogans on the tops Tesco had to offer.

Whilst the ‘girls’ range featured slogans such as “Hey!”, “Beautiful” and “I feel fabulous.” the boys clothes said “Desert adventure awaits”, “hero” and “think outside the box.”

Daisy’s mother Becky caught the truthful rant on her phone and it is amazing.

Daisy questions what the slogans mean. Pointing to the ‘boys’ clothes and says “think outside the box. What does this mean? It means go on your adventures. Let nothing stop you, go for your dreams.” Then the young girl points to the ‘girls’ clothes. “‘Hey!’ what does that even mean? I don’t find that inspiring. What part of ‘hey!’ is great? I don’t get it.”

She goes on to explain why there shouldn’t be such a massive difference in the garments for each gender.

“It’s unfair because everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous. I think that’s wrong because why should boys and girls clothes even be separate when we’re just as good as each other.”

Daisy goes on to put some of the more ‘inspiring boys clothes’ in the ‘girls’ section of the store.

“I think the girls ought to be heroes, so I’m going to put them in the girls’ section,” she says.

In a statement, her mother Becky, said: “Daisy doesn’t understand why there has to be separation. It’s the same with toys. She loves exploring and being brave, and there is never anything that says anything like that on girls’ clothes. She thinks they should have unisex clothing. She should be able to choose what she wears.”

“When I saw what Daisy was doing I felt really really proud that she knows who she is. She is so confident.

A Tesco spokesperson said: We stock a wide variety of clothes suitable for girls and boys and listen to the views of our customers when reviewing our range. We’d like to thank Daisy for her feedback and we can assure her that new styles will be arriving in stores shortly.”

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