Civil rights hero John Lewis backs Hillary Clinton in powerful pro-equality ad

Civil rights leader John Lewis has appeared in an ad backing Hillary Clinton’s record on equality.

Lewis is the last surviving  activist of the ‘Big Six’ leaders who organised the 1963 March on Washington and coordinated the Civil Rights Movement.

The veteran activist was at the forefront of the battle alongside Martin Luther King Jr and Roy Wilkins, and is now the Member of the US House of Representatives from Georgia’s 5th district.

In an ad this week, Congressman Lewis spoke out for Hillary Clinton’s vision of an inclusive America.

He said: “When Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States, it will be another trip down a very long road.

“She’s smart. She’s gifted. She is ready. She is a leader. She is a fighter for what is right, what is fair, and what is just.

“It will send a strong and powerful message to the people of American and to the people of the world, that we truly believe in equality.

“Her whole life has been helping others, lifting people up, children poor people. And it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, Latino, Asian-American or Native-American, whether you’re straight or gay. Hillary will be there fighting for us, speaking up for all of us.

“No one, but no one, will be left one, or left behind, in the new America.”

Congressman Lewis led a sit-in protest in the House of Representatives following the Orlando massacre earlier this year, after Republicans blocked basic gun safety measures.