George Takei: ‘Sulu was not gay enough in Star Trek Beyond’

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The legendary actor has criticised the portrayal of his character in the movie.

George Takei may have had initial misgivings about the sexuality of Sulu in the latest Star Trek film – but he later gave the character’s altered sexuality his blessing.

George Takei: ‘Sulu was not gay enough in Star Trek Beyond’

However, the actor now claims the film’s producers did not go far enough.

“They talked about Sulu becoming gay, but it was such a tentative thing,” he told Digital Spy.

“Shakespeare said it: ‘Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’.

“Sulu comes back, picks up the little girl and hugs her, and then puts his arm around a guy and they walk off – not even a kiss,” he added.

“Just hugging the baby and arm around the guy… and it’s over.”

Takei played Sulu in the original 1960s Star Trek series – created by Gene Roddenberry – as well as numerous movie spin offs.

The actor said that he believes Roddenberry would have handled the situation very differently – creating a completely new character rather that adapting the sexuality of an existing crew member.

“He would’ve created a gay character who has his own history in this kind of society and explored what kind of issues he would have to deal with, and how he would’ve expressed himself, and how society would’ve dealt with him. All those potentials are there – and yet …”

Takei’s initial comments came after John Cho – who plays Sulu in Star Trek Beyond – revealed he would be the first openly gay character in the franchise.