Dolly Parton tells Christians to stop judging gays and love more

Dolly Parton has once again saved the day and proved herself as the ultimate gay icon after she chastised judgemental Christians.

In an interview on Larry King Now the singer revealed that she often gets pushback from her Christian fans about her huge LGBT fanbase.

Parton, always the hero, always calls these people out on their un-Christian attitudes and behaviours.

The 70 year old said: “I keep saying ‘If you’re the fine Christian that you think you are, why are you judging people?’ That’s God’s job. We’re not God, we’re not judges, we’re supposed to love one another, we’re supposed to not judge.”

“I’ve got too much work to do in my own to try to do God’s work too,” she said.

“I just think that we should be more loving, more caring. We are who we are. If you’re gay, you’re gay. If you’re straight, you’re straight. And you should be allowed to be how you are and who you are.”

Parton believes that gay people relate to her because she fought for the right to be herself.

She has been a long standing figure for the LGBT community, and this year she teamed up with Kylie Minogue to back a campaign calling for equal marriage in Australia.

The country and western singer laughed off rumours she was a lesbian this summer as she renewed her wedding vows on her 50th anniversary.