Report find videos showing violence against trans people are being shared for entertainment

A new report has found videos showing attacks against transgender people are being uploaded for entertainment.

The report compiled by human rights organisation Witness analysed 329 videos posted on social media sites including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Vine.

A majority of the videos portrayed members of the transgender community being harassed and attacked in public.

Over 200,000 comments were analysed and Witness found the majority were negative and derogatory comments about the transgender people who suffered the attacks according to Fusion.

Beverly Tillery, the Executive Director of the New York City anti-violence project, said:

“People are regularly hosting these videos on all kinds of sites, and that tells us something very different about what’s happening around violence against trans folks than what is out there right now. For many people, these videos in and of themselves are a secondary act of violence.”

Kylar Broadus of the Trans People of Colour Coalition said: “When our community watches itself being beaten and killed and told they’re no good, the site helps perpetuates self hate.

“Not only that but helps others to hate us to perpetuate myths and stereotypes.

“The hate comments are horrifying.

“They’re not just targeted at those victims in the videos they’e targeted at all trans people, all gender non conforming people,” Broadus said.

“If they’re being put out as entertain meant how do we disrupt that on an education and a policy level?” added Tillery.

In the US 2016 is the deadliest year on record yet for transgender women with over 23 recorded homicides.

Transgender support charity Mermaids attacked was by transphobes for ‘bullying’ this week.

You can watch the full video about the report here: