‘Donald Trump’ makes out with Vladimir Putin, FBI & Ku Klux Klan (VIDEO)

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Alec Baldwin returned to his role as the Republican Presidential hopeful prior to this week’s election.

By this time next week, the USA should have its next President, as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wrapped up their election campaigns this weekend.

‘Donald Trump’ makes out with Vladimir Putin, FBI & Ku Klux Klan (VIDEO)

However, there was just enough time for one more sketch from the team over at Saturday Night Live – who have consistently made an arguably painful presidential race a little more bearable over the past few months.

The team created another hilarious political scenario for the latest episode – featuring an interview with Kate McKinnon’s Clinton and Alec Baldwin’s Trump.

The sketch began by focussing on Clinton’s email scandal, as McKinnon gave a flawless impression of the exasperated Democrat.

Clinton responds in the sketch by drawing attention to her rival’s questionable relationships with a range of controversial figures – including Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the Ku Klux Klan – as well the FBI’s apparent love of the businessman.

As Baldwin denied each of the accusations, he was seen locking lips with a federal agent, a KKK member and Mr Putin himself.

To Clinton’s dismay, however, the anchor continued to press her on the ’email issue’, ignoring Trump’s obvious romantic exchanges.

“They’re still buying it,” Trump laughs.

Soon after, Baldwin and McKinnon halted the sketch and abruptly broke character.

The pair said they feel “gross” and reflected how “mean” the election had become.

Taking to the streets of Manhattan, McKinnon and Baldwin remained in costume as they hugged a host of rival supporters, before returning to the studio and encouraging Americans to vote.

“None of this will have mattered if you don’t vote,” warned McKinnon.

SNL is famed for its topical cold openers – from Tina Fey’s legendary portrayal of Sarah Palin earlier this year, to team’s pop at anti-gay bakery laws.

Watch the latest sketch below: