Nicola Sturgeon ‘will not be silent’ over Trump Presidency, doubles down on criticism (VIDEO)

The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has made her position on Donald Trump’s upcoming Presidency quite clear.

She said she would not observe a “diplomatic silence” over issues of racism, misogyny or other intolerance from the President Elect.

At First Ministers Questions on the day after the US Election in which Trump made a surprise victory, Sturgeon doubled down on her criticism of the businessman-turned-politician.

She said: “I never want to be, I am not prepared to be, a politician that maintains a diplomatic silence in the face of attitudes of racism, sexism, misogyny or intolerance of any kind.

“I hope that president-elect Trump turns out to be a president very different to the kind of candidate he was and reaches out to those who felt vilified by his campaign.

“But people of progressive opinion the world over, I think, do have to stand up for the values of tolerance and respect for diversity and difference.”

Continuing, Sturgeon made it clear that she would “engage positively and constructively with the American administration”, but would “never shy away from standing up for these important principles”.

But she warned that she would “never shy away from standing up for these important principles”.

Sturgeon in June condemned comments made by Donald Trump in the wake of the Orlando massacre.

She consistently criticised the divisiveness of his campaign to be elected as President.

Back in 2015, she stripped him of his position as ambassador for Scottish businesses.