Pro-Trump pastor: God saved America from Hillary Clinton’s ‘spirit of lesbianism’

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An evangelical internet pastor has praised Donald Trump for saving the United States from Hillary Clinton’s “lesbian” spirit.

High school football coach and internet pastor Dave Daubenmire, who has a surreal online following, made the comments on his ‘Pass the Salt’ webcast.

In the clip, snipped by Right Wing Watch, he fumes: “Never again will that wicked witch have any impact on my life… Not one more second. I thank God for that.

“That strong spirit of lesbianism, there, I said it, that strong spirit of Jezebel, has lifted off of this nation, due, dare I say it, to the prayers of the saints.

“I’m going to tell you this… had good old, white American men not shown up at the polls yesterday, that wicked witch would be still leading us down the yellow brick road… she got booted.

“We showed up and we pushed back, and she is gone.”

Last week the head of a pastors’ coalition accused Barack Obama of “spitting on the graves” of civil rights heroes by supporting LGBT equality during his term in office.

Rev William Owens, head of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, made the claim at the conservative ‘Stand 4 Truth’ conference in Texas.

He fumed: “As far as I’m concerned, he’s not black because he doesn’t understand the black experience… He sold out, as far I’m concerned he spit on the graves of all those people who died for civil rights, he didn’t care.”

“So they’re going to brainwash our children from pre-school, telling them it’s alright to feel a certain way…. tey will be brainwashed from birth… in California today, children can go into any restroom they want to.”