Trans Man Confronts Teenage Self In Short Film “Silly Girl”

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What advice would you give your awkward teenage self?

In a new film, written by Game of Thrones star Ellie Kendrick and directed by Hope Dickson Leach, a 40-something trans man relives his first romantic encounter and confronts himself as a confused teenage girl.

Trans Man Confronts Teenage Self In Short Film “Silly Girl”

The poignant short, ‘Silly Girl’ explores the relationship between our past and present selves, and is the first installment of a NOWNESS series on gender and its impact on our lives.

Silly Girl was adapted from elements of the short play of the same name, by actor/writer Ellie Kendrick, star of Game of Thrones and An Education. 

Working with documentary filmmaker Jason Barker and Dickson Leach, the team has created a touching reflection on past identities, with the thread of hope that “things get better.”

Trans Man Confronts Teenage Self In Short Film “Silly Girl”

“When I saw the play that this was based on – at the Royal Court, which Ellie wrote with Jason, I felt like I was seeing my story. Which is strange as I’m neither gay nor trans,” Hope Dickson Leach told Pink News.

“They had managed to make something so specific feel so universal, which was such a beautiful thing. I’d love it if people who see this film, however they identify, feel like there is something of themselves here.

“The idea of being seen, being chosen, and being terrified of being found out, that is something we can all relate to. I hope that the film allows us to see connection first, and gender second.”

Watch the full film below:

The film is part of a video collection called ‘Define Gender’ available on the NOWNESS site.