Trump’s pick for national security advisor opposes trans bathroom rights

President-elect Donald Trump has appointed a retired US Army Lieutenant as National Security Advisor, despite a history of opposing the rights of LGBT+ people.

Retired Lieutenant Flynn most recently attacked debates around allowing transgender people to use gender appropriate bathrooms.

He said, at the Republican National Convention in July: “My God, war is not about bathrooms. War is not about political correctness or words that are meaningless. War is about winning.

“My message to you is very clear: Wake up, America! There is no substitute for American leadership and exceptionalism.”

Going on, to chants of “U-S-A… U-S-A…”, the retired Lieutenant attacked “political correctness”.

The New York Times confirms that Trump has offered the National Security Advisor position.

The NYT article expresses concern at the former Democrat’s “Islamophobia”.

Trump has also chosen Senator Jeff Sessions as the next US Attorney General.

The Alabama Senator is known as one of the most conservative and anti-LGBT members of Congress and has been a vocal opponent over any attempts to bring about LGBT equality.