13 excuses for still being single at Thanksgiving dinner

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Thanksgiving means spending lots of time in a small space with family members – so it’s best to get the reasons in early for still being single.

Especially if that great aunt still thinks you’re straight.

Here’s 11 excuse for why you’re still single this Thanksgiving dinner.

1. I mean, guys just aren’t what they used to be…


2. This pie chart.


3. Because you’re biscuit game isn’t on point.

4. You’re just too damn luxurious.


5. Because you’re too on point with grammar.

6. This guy stole all the inflatable animals you wanted to date.


7. Your cake needs are too great to share with another human.

8. Your true life partner is a guinea pig.

9. Your expectations might be a bit off.


10. The queue is too long and you cba with that.


11. OK, er, maybe you’re just too funny?


12. Dogs > Humans.


13. Maybe turn the news on and tell them this?