Shocking images show ISIS throw man accused of being gay off roof (graphic content)

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Images have been released of the moment a man was thrown off a rooftop by ISIS thugs for the alleged ‘crime’ of being gay.

PLEASE NOTE: This article contains images that some people may find disturbing.

Earlier in the day religious police had read out a series of accusations – saying the man had engaged in homosexual activity.


The unidentified male had been imprisoned for the charges ahead of his brutal execution.

He was blindfolded and taken to the roof of a building in Maslamah City, Aleppo, in front of a baying crowd waiting for his death.


Executioners threw him from the building face first, just inches from onlookers below.

A subsequent image shows men throwing rocks at the mans body.


It’s not the first time ISIS have executed men accused of being gay, including executing its own members.

Earlier in the year a former member said ISIS members have been known to rape men they claim are gay.