Shaving your pubic hair can make herpes four times more likely

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A new study has discovered that shaving your pubic hair could increase the chances of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

The research found that small tears in the skin from shaving can make infections more likely.

Even trimming pubic hair can cause tugs on the skin that make the STIs more likely.

The research was undertaken by experts at the University of California, San Francisco, who surveyed 7,500 men and women on their grooming habits and sexual health.

The study found that any types of grooming around the groin can increase STI chances.

Men who completely shaved their pubic hair are three or four times more likely to contract an infection – particularly herpes or HPV – than those who don’t.

Doctors involved have suggested waiting for skin to heal before having sex, or to groom private parts less frequently.

On the plus side, if you’re a regular groomer then the chances you’ll discover public lice downstairs are reduced.