There are secret WhatsApp groups where hundreds of guys swap d*** pics

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WhatsApp users are sharing naked selfies with hundreds of others in secret new messaging groups.

The smart phone app recently introduced a feature to invite people to join groups via online links.

Users can now create secretive groups to exchange naked selfies and videos in, then post the join links online for anyone to become a member.


It takes a moment for the smart phone to validate the link, before a ‘join group’ button appears, and you’re in.

PinkNews joined one such gay group to discover the secretive new world.

Hundreds of guys from around the globe were sending messages – many requesting for sexually explicit pics or videos.

Guys in the group claimed to be from everywhere from the UK and US through to to Asia.

The majority of users appeared to be from South America.

It’s unclear who the people in the groups are, with most not having names or pictures on their WhatsApp profiles.

Many wanted to be a part of the groups to find others to mutually exchange adult content with.


Some users have taken to privately messaging individuals from the mass groups to speak with, or posting their location in a bid to find guys in their area.

But their pics are also seen by the hundreds of silent users, who never reply or send content but can see all of the group’s messages.

Messages and images are being shared each day in the groups, with an almost constant flow of content.

While the vast majority of the content is sexually explicit, admins in one group took to blocking anyone who posted ‘fake’ porn.

It’s understood the groups are intended for ‘amateur’ and ‘home made’ pics and videos that people can share of themselves – carving out a niche for the groups over websites such as XTube.


The possibility of such groups has only been around since summer 2016, when the messaging app included the public group invite option to its latest updates.

A quick search of Twitter for “gay WhatsApp group” can now reveal links to numerous groups, with no bar to entry once you have the link.

Although access to the groups is seemingly freely accessible, it’s still a little known phenomenon.

Very little has been written online about the group invite option on the app, while there is nothing previously about the use of them for exchanging adult gay content.

Just a few Twitter users have posted their links to date, though they each have hundreds of members.

It’s expected the function could catch on, reliving the likes of gay and adult chatrooms that populated the internet ten years ago.