Everyone needs to see Zac Efron’s topless trailer for Baywatch (VIDEO)

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It’s a long time since High School Musical hit our screens, but Zac Efron is still whipping his shirt off for us all.

The heart throb has just shared a sneak peak of the new Baywatch movie – even though it’s not set to be on screens for another five months.

The star can be seen riding in on a motorbike, before he whips his shirt off revealing those perfect pecks we so love to look at.

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The new film is based on the original TV series, Baywatch, which should mean there’ll be plenty of beautiful torso action to look forward to.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will also be starring in the new blockbuster, according to Tweets when the line-up was announced.

The Rock asked fans to “get the baby oil out” Tweeting the news, leading many to believe (and hope) that there will be plenty of flesh on show.