Zac Efron gay kiss with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on Baywatch

Zac Efron, who had a gay kiss with the Rock in a movie scene

Hollywood superstar Zac Efron has been a pin-up for men and women for years.

But for the longest time, he seemed out of bounds for guys who like other guys – until now.

Efron is starring in the new movie re-make of Baywatch.

“How many guys can say they’ve kissed The Rock? I’m gonna wear that as a badge of honour.”

— Zac Efron

The 29-year-old sensation has finished filming the new movie, and it comes with quite the treat.

In one scene, Efron’s character Matthew Brody thinks he’s kissing Summer Quinn, played by Alexandra Daddario.

However, it turns out to be Fast And Furious actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson he’s getting intimate with.

Zac Efron talking about gay scenes
Zac Efron talking about how he liked the gay kiss with the Rock.

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Efron told Sky News: “One off the bucket list. Unforgettable. What a dreamboat. Honestly fantastic, just fantastic,” he said.

“How many guys can say they’ve kissed The Rock? I’m gonna wear that as a badge of honour.”

Last week he appeared on James Corden’s Late Late show, opening up further about the experience.

He revealed: “To be completely honest, kissing a dude is weird at first, but he tasted like a Winterfresh commercial.

“Or like, cherry chapstick or something. It was crazy. It was like, ‘he’s good at that too?’ He’s just the best at everything.”

Indeed, Efron loved his first gay experience. He said: “It was an awesome kiss, and one off the bucket list for me, for sure.”

Is Zac Efron gay?

Despite the star’s apparent enthusiasm for his kiss with The Rock, many men will be disappointed to hear that there’s no evidence that Efron is gay.

Efron has dated several girls over the years including Vanessa Hudgens, Sami Miró and most recently Alexandra Daddario.