Kelly Osbourne tells LGBT youth to give Donald Trump a chance

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Kelly Osbourne has told a gathering of LGBT young people and their heroes that Donald Trump deserves a chance.

She made the comments at a fundraiser for the The Trevor Project at the Beverley Hilton hotel in LA.

Osbourne, 32, compared the passage of equal rights for lGBT people to Donald Trump’s election, saying both deserve a chance.

“We’re living in a time when we might not have the future president that we wanted in this country.

“And as an immigrant who can’t vote, I don’t really get to say much,” Osbourne told the crowd, which included Matt Bomer, Margaret Cho and Jack Falahee.

“But tonight, I do. People voted for him.

“So just like they gave us a chance to love equally, we will fight to keep that.”

“We have to give [Trump] a chance,” she added.

“And we do it by spreading love, not hate.”

The singer and actress was at the event to be given the Honouree Hero award for her long-standing commitment to projects aiding LGBT young people.

Earlier in the year she got the word “solidarity” tattooed on her head in honour of the 49 victims of the Orlando shooting.