Coldplay’s Chris Martin says he’s ‘on Grindr most weeks’

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has shed humour on his newfound single life in a new radio interview.

The singer was asked about how he’s finding love following the very public split from actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The pair’s divorce was officially confirmed earlier this year.

Martin was asked if he’s a user of dating app Tinder on radio station KIIS 101.1: “I’m not entirely sure what [Tinder] is … but I know that it’s a little bit naughty,” he said.

Presenter Sophie interjected with: “Better not be Grindr! You heard of [it]?’

To everyone’s surprise, the British rockstar responded in jest: “I’m on Grindr most weeks.”

The 39-year-old is on the Australian leg of Coldplay’s global tour.

The band have been received rave reviews for their gigs, performing last night in Sydney.

Maybe he’ll be back for the Mardi Gras in the new year?