Closeted gay guy can’t understand why he sees really gay targeted ads on Facebook

A gay guy still not out has taken to the internet to answer one of life’s most important questions – why does he receive a load of really gay targeted ads on Facebook.

Saying he is careful to use the incognito mode on Google Chrome, Reddit user newyorkansun writes that nobody knows he is gay, so he can’t understand how Facebook does.


He writes: “Alright, so. I’m not out yet.

“However, Facebook for the past couple months has been sending me targeted ads for gays, including this one that is in the picture. How does it know? Whenever I search for something I usually use the incognito mode on Chrome. I try to click on why are you showing me this ad, but the window closes automatically. Thanks for any insight.”

Other Reddit users jumped to assist the not-yet-out protagonist, with some advice on how to keep his browsing history even more secure.

But alamborn19 said he doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about: “When i was closeted… I’d get them too.

“No one would use my phone or iPad especially on Facebook, so it’s not like it’ll be seen and just lie and easily explain it away if they are seen. TDRL: Don’t worry about it — they’re just ads. No one will question them and there’s nothing you can do to stop them.”

User x_k_c_d answers: “If you are logged out, Facebook still knows the account you were logged in with earlier.”

Adding: “If you visit a website in incognito mode that has Facebook buttons on it, Facebook gets your IP and because it also knows the IP you were or are logged in with, it can connect the information. I would recommend using uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger to stop this sort of snooping.”

Another user, Grem-Zealot, adds succinctly: “Facebook does the equivalent of digital stalking.”

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