College professor compares LGBT students to Nazis

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A row has broken out after a college professor and a reverend compared LGBT students to Nazis – labelling them ‘gaystapo’.

Dr. Niall McCrae, a lecturer, and Rev Jules Gomes wrote the comments in a jointly authored article for the Conservative Women website.

Their comments came in response to a former Archbishop, Lord Carey, having his photo removed from a university ‘wall of fame’ display.

LGBT students at the university had campaigned for the religious leader’s picture to be removed because of his opposition to same-sex marriage.

The lecturers wrote: “For a prestigious institution of Christian heritage to allow this campaign to claim victory is worrying.

“Carey is not homophobic, but his name has been tarnished by a ‘gaystapo’ that refuses to acknowledge that a clergyman cares for all, while maintaining a traditional view of marriage.”

The pair then add that: “Only by Orwellian ‘double-think’ can the LGBT activists who attacked Carey carry the baton of tolerance.

“If only Carey had kept his beliefs to himself, perhaps he would have been tolerated.

“We could take lessons in accommodating Christianity from communist China.”

The comments have caused huge offence among students at the university, King’s College London.

Students had campaigned for five years to have former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey’s picture removed.

Lord Carey previously claimed many Christians were a “persecuted minority” because of David Cameron’s marriage equality changes, saying he was “very suspicious” of the plans.

The university removed his picture from their collection recently, during a change of the display, citing that he “did not capture the diversity of our university campus.”

The campaign to remove Lord Carey’s picture from the “wall of fame” was led by student Ben Hunt, who had pledged to have the image removed in his manifesto for LGBT Officer.

The university declined to say the picture had been removed due to the former Archbishop’s views on LGBT equality.

King’s told PinkNews: “In 2015 a review of our window display policy across all our campuses was undertaken by representatives from External Relations, the Students’ Union and Alumni Relations.

“It was agreed that the current static displays, which are costly to maintain, or change, did not capture the diversity of our university community and that this should change.”

They added: “In order to make space for the screens next to the prominent Strand campus entrance, a number of static portraits, including those of Lord Carey, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Michael Howard, were removed.

“The individuals were notified in advance and expressed themselves fully supportive.”