Woman standing in Glass House claims gay people are ruining society

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Australia’s right-wing One Nation Party is facing yet another homophobia row, after a candidate standing in the Glass House electoral district linked gay people to paedophiles.

Last week Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party was forced to drop a local candidate in Queensland after she claimed gay people are “abnormal” and need medical treatment.

The party is now under fire again after it emerged that another candidate, Tracey Bell-Henselin, has posted a string of homophobic messages on social media.

In a string of Facebook posts Ms Bell-Henselin, a state candidate for the Glass House Electorate in Queensland, vented about LGBT people.

She said: “LGBTI is out to destroy families as we know [them] and have lived for generations producing babies/growing a family produced by a mother & father – creation

“But now when we stand up on the side of the law to protect our family and children we gave birth to – we are told to shut up that we [are] bigots & homophobic – labelled, cursed sworn at.”

Elsewhere she claimed that pro-LGBT t-shirts for kids represented “sexual grooming of children”.

She wrote: “How dare a family store push this rubbish onto our children – never ever will you see me in a target stall. selfish adults sexual grooming children to serve there own sexual queer agendas.”

Party leader Pauline Hansen stood by the candidate.

She told the Courier Mail: “They are not homophobic comments at all. That was totally taken out of context and I’m quite happy with her comments. She won’t be disendorsed at all.”

The party has suffered a string of similar scandals.

Another candidate, Andy Semple quit the party last year after being rebuked for mocking the “pink mafia” and sharing a t-shirt picture suggesting LGBT stands for “liberty, a gun, beer and tits”.