Gay adult film star explains the surprising reason why he voted for Trump

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Gay porn actor Colby Keller has explained the surprising reason he voted for President Trump.

The porn actor, best known for his pan-American porn project Colby Does America, didn’t leave much room for interpretation when his politics came up in an pre-election interview with Office magazine, saying: “I’m going to vote for Trump!”

Now he’s confirmed the surprising choice in a new interview with Mel Magazine, explaining that he wanted a “destabilising force”.

Now he’s responded to the news Trump won, saying: “I’m a little surprised he’s as aggressive on ‘the wall’ as he said he would be”.

Keller identifies as a Communist, and isn’t a fan of Hillary Clinton one bit.

He said: “Hillary Clinton would have been four more years of Barack Obama, continuing all of the horrible neoliberal policies of the Bush administration and of her husband — policies that have bankrupted the American people and people around the world”.

He now says the uprisings of protests around the world prove his point, because: “things will get a lot worse and that will get us to a point where we need to be.”

Since coming to office, Trump has introduced extreme vetting on immigrants, defunded international aid on abortions, signed off a Mexico/US wall, attacked a federal judge, claimed all negative polls are fake news, banned news outlets from press conferences, lied about the size of his inauguration, defended a ‘massacre’ that never happened and dared to name Meryl Streep “over-rated”.

He also considered signing an anti-LGBT executive order.

Gay adult film star explains the surprising reason why he voted for Trump

Before the election, porn actor Kelby said: “I’m skeptical of him, too, and who exactly is behind Trump.

“But given that there’s eternal dissent in the Republican Party, that leads me to believe that whatever he represents might be a destabilising force.

“And he’s made a lot of overtures to Russia and China, which in some ways could be thought of as an encouraging thing.

“I don’t support or endorse any of Trump’s policies.

“I just think it’ll escalate the problem, which is the best we can hope for.

“I hope at the very least he’d turn the White House into a reality show. America would tune in, right? And then he could do something nice, like give the money to the National Park Service, because they’re trying to defund it.”