Pornhub launches online sex education centre because no-one else is doing it

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The world’s largest porn site has launched a centre dedicated to educating people about sexuality and sexual health – because of poor standards of sex and relationship education (SRE).

In the US sex and relationship education is often heavily regulated by state lawmakers, meaning that school kids are commonly taught under ‘abstinence-only’ programmes that do not provide quality advice on protection, avoiding STIs or sexual health in general.

In addition, a handful of states continue to maintain laws that ban teachers from mentioning homosexuality.

Pornhub launches online sex education centre because no-one else is doing it

In the absence of any real education, young people are increasingly turning to pornography to learn about sex – which campaigners warn can lead to body issues, unrealistic expectations and even dangerous or risky practises.

But rather than being part of the problem, the world’s largest porn site Pornhub is trying to be part of the solution, launching an online resource centre dedicated to sexual health.

The website has hired clinical psychologist Dr Laurie Betito to run the new Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, which will provide readers “with information and advice regarding sexuality, sexual health and relationships”.

It explains: “The free site will feature original editorial content on an assortment of topics from an array of esteemed doctors, therapists, community leaders and experts.”

Unlike many sex ed resources online, all the contributors to the site are qualified medical experts.

The site already has content on a number of topics including consent, transgender terminology and HIV/AIDS.

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