Family arrested over ‘magic genie’ transgender penis scam

A Bangladeshi family have been arrested over a ‘magic trick’ that they claimed could make their daughter grow a penis.

The family claimed to be able to use the powers of a magic genie to cure people’s health ailments, and had set up a business to con people into paying them for the service.

As part of their demonstration, they would perform a magic trick in which they would ask the genie to change their daughter’s gender.

However, their ruse was foiled when they travelled to a village in southern Bangladesh where police insisted the girl receive a medical check after the demonstration – where it was established, unsurprisingly, that her newly-grown penis was a fake.

The family were arrested over the scam.

Local police chief Monzur Murshed told Agence France-Presse: “A doctor examined the teenager and discovered a fake penis tied to her waist.

“The girl and her parents have set up a profitable business promising to heal people with a genie.”

The girl and her parents will all be charged with fraud and prosecuted, according to police.

Belief in supernatural genies is surprisingly common in Bangladesh, where many people pay ‘healers’ who claim they can control magical spirits.