Pulse customers upset there’s no compensation fund those for standing outside

Patrons of Orlando nightclub Pulse are upset they won’t be getting a share of the victim compensation fund  – despite not being inside when the shooting happened.

The OneOrlando Fund raised almost $30 million for victims of the massacre last June, but will only pay out to those who were inside the building at the time.

However, Buddy Dyer, mayor of the city, has since received complaints from a couple who were stood outside at the time.

“Although it’s impossible to accurately or adequately assess any one individual’s degree of trauma or stress due to the massacre, I think we can all agree that being 10 feet away from the building’s front door after having spent several hours in the company of 49 people who are now dead IS TRAUMATIC,” David Jourdenais wrote in an email.

The massacre was the worst shooting in modern US history, after Omar Mateen killed 49 people and left another 53 wounded. He claimed to be part of Islamic State.

Cassandra Lafser, a spokesman for the mayor, said the standards for awarding compensation remained unchanged.

However, she added an addition $1 million had come in since the original distribution of fund, and the board would meet to figure out how to distribute the money.