X Factor’s Bratavio say gay guys call them a ‘disgrace’ in clubs

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Former X Factor contestants Bratavio have complained of getting horrific abuse – from other gay people.

The fame hungry pair, named Ottavio and Bradley, claim they routinely get called names when in gay bars.

They told YouTube channel The Showbiz Show that other gay guys call them “a disgrace to the community”.

“We have some people like share picture from our audition with the tag ‘it’s like having every negative gay sterotype in one picture’.

“But it’s like your supposed to be with us and not against us lets be united,” Ottavio said.

Bradley added: “I’d say the amount of abuse I’ve got after the show, it’s been off gay people in clubs and that.

“Go to all the straight clubs, absolutely fine.

“But gay clubs it’s ‘bitch’, they shout ‘fake’, ‘look at them’, ‘don’t ask them for an autograph’.”

They also say they’ve been labelled “a disgrace to the community”, despite not wanting to be ambassadors for it.

Asked if he thought other gay people were jealous, Bradley said, “I think so!”

The singing duo previously got booted off another show due to their sexuality.

Back in 2014, the duo claim they were thrown off Channel 4’s Coach Trip because of “homophobic bullying”.