Heartwarming advert encourages gay couples to keep holding hands

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The Bank of Australia and New Zealand has revealed a heartwarming new advert encouraging gay couples to hold hands.

The company, which is supporting this year’s Auckland Pride, say: “even in 2017, the simple act of holding hands is still difficult for some people – let’s change that and #HoldTight.”

The moving clip shows a number of same sex couples going about their everyday lives – eating at a restaurant, watching a movie or even just catching a bus.

However, it also shows the familiar hesitation to hold hands as other people approach, with the couples quickly dropping their embrace.

Heartwarming advert encourages gay couples to keep holding hands

The company added that while holding someone’s hand is the “most basic gesture there is” it remains difficult for some people.

The video hopes to empower couples so “when you feel like letting go, hold tight”, showing couples standing defiant against societal prejudices.

The clip received a warm welcome on social media, with many saying it was “beautiful” and had made them cry.

Max Tweedle, a social justice advocate from New Zealand, added: “This is so powerful, so important and still so difficult for my partner and I. Poignant and appreciated, thank you”.

The bank has a long history of supporting LGBT rights, earlier this year renaming itself GAYNZ in honour of Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

It also revamped its branch in the city for the occasion, covering it in bright colours and bold art.

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