This drag queen helped appoint Germany’s new anti-Trump president

German drag queen Olivia Jones played an important role in choosing Germany’s new president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was elected today.

The 47-year old was one of 1,260 voting delegates of the Green Party who choose Joachim Gauck’s new successor.

Jones, real name Oliver Knobel, arrived to the ceremony in a wheelchair after receiving a leg shortening operation to reduce her height by 6cm, down from 2.07 metres (6ft7).

The drag queen joined German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other high-profile German’s at the event.

Jones signified earlier this month that one day she aspires to be president herself.

“The role would suit me wonderfully,” she said adding that her time in office “would not be boring”.

“I am a very political person. This is where I get to speak with the right people. This is where my message needs to get to. My presence and appearance alone set an example,” she said.

Coined Germanys answer to RuPaul Jones has always been politically motivated and previously pressed charges against the right wing party, Alternative for Germany (AfD) after they compared gay people to paedophiles.

The presidential role in Germany is largely for ceremonial purposes, but is respected international as it is seen as a moral position.

Steinmeier, who was formerly the foreign minister, was popular for the position.

The Social Democrat has described Donald Trump as a “hate preacher” and criticised those who “make politics with fear”.

He won with 931 out of 1,260 votes and will be appointed on March the 19th.

Many hope his election will signify a boost for his party, the Social Democrats, who hope to unseat Angela Merkel in the upcoming September elections.