School bans kids from talking to girl because her parent is trans

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The daughter of a trans woman has been banned from communicating with her own classmates.

The unnamed child from Manchester, UK, has been shunned by her classmates after teachers issued the order.

They told students at the orthodox Jewish school not to communicate with the girl “in any way”, the Jewish Telegraph reports.

The child is understood to be younger than 12-years-old.

Students at the school wrote the girl a letter telling her that if they see her they must ignore her, but “that they would always love her and that they would pray for her,” according to the report.

It comes after her trans parent lost a court battle to be allowed to see her children after leaving an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and transitioning.

The woman had said she wanted to be “sensitively re-introduced” to her children.

She had not seen the children since before she left the Charedi Jewish community 18 months prior.

But her estranged wife said seeing her post transition could lead them to be alienated from within the community.

Family court judge Mr Justice Peter Jackson has said he reached the decision “with real regret”.

Handing down his decision, the judge said: “I can see no way in which the children could escape the adult reaction to them enjoying anything like an ordinary relationship with their father.

“In the final analysis, the gulf between these parents – the mother within the ultra-Orthodox community and the father as a transgender person – is too wide for the children to bridge.

“This outcome is not a failure to uphold transgender rights, still less a ‘win’ for the community, but the upholding of the rights of the children to have the least harmful outcome in a situation not of their making.”