The NBA will follow state inclusion policies

The NBA has said that it will monitor state inclusion laws regarding protections for transgender people.

Adam Silver, commissioner of the league, warned that the NBA will not consider hosting future games in states which are not inclusive.

Silver made the announcement at an annual state-of-the-league address during the All-Star weekend that is currently taking place.

The weekend, which was intended to be held in North Carolina, took place in Louisiana. The league withdrew the game from NC because of the controversial HB2 law.

The commissioner confirmed that he had spoken to governor Roy Cooper of NC about the bill which prevents transgender people from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

NBA isn’t the only loss that North Carolina has faced because of the bill, and it is estimated boycotts have totalled to $562 million.

Silver stressed the value of equality within the NBA and ruled out playing in states that did not hold the same values.

“Our values, our league-wide values in terms of equality and inclusion are paramount to this league and all the members of the NBA family, and I think those jurisdictions that are considering legislation similar to HB2 are on notice that that is an important factor for us,” Silver said.

“Those values are an important factor for us in deciding where we take a special event like an All-Star Game.

“I’m not ready to draw bright lines. Clearly, though, the laws of the state, ordinances, and cities are a factor we look at in deciding where to play our All-Star Games,” he added.

The commissioner also addressed Trump’s muslim ban, and called for more diversity because a “diverse league is a better league”.

“The state of the league is as good as it’s ever been — the competition on the floor, the diversity of the players,” Silver said.