Daily Mail brands trans people ‘gender fascists’

The Daily Mail is scaremongering about a “increasingly powerful transgender lobby” made of “gender fascists”.

The newspaper launched the vitriolic attack on trans people after a story in the Sun which claimed the RAF had “banned” women from wearing skirts as part of a “transgender review”.

Although the RAF insisted “no decisions have been made to make any changes”, and the entire story was attributed to a single anonymous tabloid source, the Mail’s Andrew Pierce seized on the news to brand trans people “gender fascists”.

The newspaper claimed “the RAF is just the latest of our institutions buckling under pressure from the trans minority.

“Town halls, education authorities and even some nurseries seem to be in thrall to the gender thought police.”

Who is involved in the “gender fascist” movement?

Well, according to Pierce the trans-führer might be Caroline Lucas, as he warns “the Green Party is involved in the clamour for every gender and sexual identity to be given rights”.

He also blamed gay people who are seeking a new cause after “civil partnerships and gay weddings [were] widely accepted”

Pierce claimed: “Not everyone, though, was content to let gays like me — who came out in the Eighties and fought for equality — enjoy our new-found freedoms.

“The extremists among us became bored by what had effectively become conventional mainstream lifestyles.

“Rebels without a cause, they had to find a new one. And they did: gender politics.”

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