This Asian man says he only dates white guys because ‘the white race is the superior one’

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A gay Asian contestant on a dating show has said he refuses to date Asian men.

Alexander Montgomery, 42, said: “I really feel the white race is the superior one today.”

The Singapore native, who now lives in Melbourne, Australia, made the comments on reality show Date My Race.

He claims to have a zero tolerance with non-white guys after getting into a 20 year relationship with a white man.

He told the show: “once you go white, nothing else seems right”.

“To me white people are the epitome of class and the gold standard of desirability,” he says, adding that he knows “a lot of Asian guys who are like me.”

“How often do you see Asian guys and white guys together in public?” he says.

“They’re everywhere. … Everyone goes, ‘nah, I’m open to date all races,’ but that’s a lie, you know, it’s not true.”

He continues: “The definition of racism is someone who believes their race is superior.

“I don’t think other races are inferior to me–only that the white race is superior to me.

“Besides it’s not racism, it’s a preference, I am attracted to white guys.

“Do you call someone who doesn’t date tall people heightist?”

Montgomery is author of the book True Confessions of a Potato Queen, which he says is the “the definitive textbook for any aspiring potato queen”.

He is reported to still be single after the show.