It took just one day for this retired rugby player to be pelted with racist abuse on Grindr

Casey Conway, who is of Aboriginal Australian descent, described an encounter with a racist preference on Grindr. (Grindr/Don Arnold/WireImage)

It took just one day for former rugby player Casey Conway to be the victim of racism after downloading the gay dating app, Grindr.

Conway, who is of Aboriginal Australian descent, took to Twitter to describe his encounter with the infamous Grindr user, the ‘Race is a preference guy’.

In a conversion dotted with blunt full stops and a guy who is clearly not racist saying “get over it”, Conway calls out the guy for his racist remarks.

Prompting many other users to speak out about their own experiences.

What happened to Casey Conway?

The athlete was approached by a Grindr user in the early morning, prompting the apt, “How’s your morning?”, from them.

But the user’s biography had the terms and conditions that they’re only interested in white men.

“Sorry,” Conway hit back, “I’m not a white guy as specified in your profile.”

The guy acted casual about the call out at first, stating that it’s, “not a specification”, and his belief they had already hooked-up before.

Conway was not amused. “It’s enough to turn me off,” he said, before denying his claim.

“Dude, Asians put white guys only in their account all the time… What’s with the reverse racism.”

Oh, boy.

Grindr user plays the ‘reverse racism card’ on Casey Conway despite it being 2020.

“It’s 2020,” the user continued, no doubt getting a sweat from the hole he was digging, “get over it.”

“Sexual preference isn’t a racial preference,” the user, whose bio was implied to say he only dates white guys, said.

Conway calmly wished the user a good day, which the user barked back: “Moron. I bet you only f**k white guys.”

He then continued, which we’re surprised he still has phone reception so deep down in that hole, “by the way, I f***ed an Asian couple last week… and they had no problem with my profile.”

So inspirational!

Conway, however, called him out: “Congrats. You’re not racist.

“Maybe remove your ‘sexual preference’ from your profile so you don’t appear that way to people who aren’t white.”

‘Fun to be Asian online.’

Conway amplifying the hypocrisy of the user as well as their refusal to admit their “preferences” are racist resonated with many queer folk of colour.

While others hashed out why the user’s attitudes are likely informed by a history of pain, persecution and prejudice under the banner of racism, emboldened by the anonymity of Grindr.

Grindr and other queer dating apps have a race problem.

On the tiled torsos of Grindr, where the metrics of height, weight and ethnicity can be filtered, many users have experienced racism.

Queer users of colour have described the racist refrain of, “Where are you from?”, as a relentless reality for them.

Grindr (Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Grindr. (Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Routinely asked to quantify their ethnic origin only to be, at times, rejected.

“No fats, no femmes, no blacks, no Asians” is a popular choice of bio for a certain type of white cis man for whom, “it’s just a preference”, is a hill they will die on.

See also: “I prefer guys with blonde hair and blue eyes.”