John Barrowman looks unrecognisable as he hits 50-years-old

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John Barrowman has posted a very surprising photo as he marks his birthday.

The former Torchwood star is marking his 50th birthday, and has revealed a striking new look.

Posting to Facebook, he wrote: “On March 11th it’s my Big Birthday!

“I wanted to see what I look like with my natural hair color.

“I shaved all the color off on Thursday. What do ya think? JB”

The long dark locks have gone, and a very striking short, white haired look has replaced it.

Barrowman says it’s his natural hair, without all the dye.

John Barrowman looks unrecognisable as he hits 50-years-old

The Arrow star has previously spoken forthrightly about his sexuality and being out.

He revealed he was once sacked for refusing to hide the fact he was in a same-sex relationship.

Speaking on Loose Women, he revealed that before his career took off, he faced pressure to stay in the closet from a TV production company.

Barrowman, who tied the knot with husband Scott Gill in 2013, said he was axed from 1990s US TV series Central Park West because he refused to keep his relationship a secret.

“I went back to Scott and said, I can’t do that. I can’t lie! For years I’d wanted to be myself and hid being gay for a period of time, and been bullied for certain things.

“I can’t do that, so I said no and I just lived my life.

“My character was written out of the TV show and sent of to South America to get a face-lift.”

The Torchwood star recently showed off rather more than he expected during a live-stream with fans.

Barrowman was live-streaming a chat with fans from a Palm Springs hot tub when his husband Scott Gill happened to get in too… completely naked.

The actor exclaimed: “Oh, Scott! Oh my God! You just… I’m live video! I can’t believe… everyone just saw you naked!”