Same-sex couples just got banned from this version of First Dates

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Same-sex couples have been banned from a version of First Dates.

In a shocking rant, a TV producer has labelled same-sex couples “unconstitutional” and should not find love on TV.

The version of First Dates in Poland will only include heterosexual couples following the decision.

TV producer Jacek Kursk is director of Poland’s publicly funded broadcaster Telewizja Polska (TVP) and executive producer of their version of the dating show

Kursk is a former member of the of Law and Justice Party (PiS) in Poland, and co-founded a right-wing spin-off of the group named United Poland (SP).

“We’re a publicly funded broadcaster and have to follow certain rules firmly expressed in both our Constitution and the law,” Kursk said in an interview.

“The Constitution says that the family, according to Polish law, is the union of man and woman.

“And because dating serves the purpose of establishing a family, or marriage, and because the law, the Polish tradition, and morality see these unions as between man and woman, it is obvious that there must be opposite-gender couples.”

The format is set to air in Poland for the first time this year.

Poland is one of the most conservative countries in Europe, where it’s been claimed same-sex marriages will “never” happen.

Despite that, a gay man was elected mayor of his town with almost every vote in a surprising recent election in the country.

Gay rugby player Keegan Hirst featured in a previous episode of the British version.

It was later rumoured that he already had a boyfriend before going on the show.