Ewan McGregor had the most epic response to homophobic Beauty and the Beast haters

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Ewan McGregor has shut down the controversy around Beauty and the Beast’s “exclusively gay moment” in the best way possible.

The actor, who is in the film as the voice of Lumière – an animated candlestick who is close friends with Sir Ian McKellen’s Cogsworth – was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night.

And the Moulin Rouge actor was asked about the furore following director Bill Condon’s comment to Attitude Magazine that LeFou, Gaston’s manservant, has confusing feelings about his master.

And boy, was McGregor ready. His response was one for the ages.

“There was a little bit of controversy of this film, I think Russia’s – ” Colbert starts, before the Trainspotting actor cuts in.

“There’s lots of gay sex in it. There’s a lot of gay sex in this cartoon.

“And I think if you live anywhere near Alabama you should not go and see this film. What would Jesus think?”

The Henagar Drive-In in Alabama dropped its planned screenings of Beauty and the Beast because of the film’s gay content, criticising Disney for deciding to “force their views on us”.

Malaysia has postponed screenings of the film indefinitely and Russia has made it illegal for people under 16 to see the children’s film. A petition to support Disney and call for more LGBT characters in family entertainment already has thousands of supporters.

Colbert then tried to explain what an overreaction moves like this are, considering the amount of LGBT visibility that’s actually in the film.

Ewan McGregor had the most epic response to homophobic Beauty and the Beast haters

“There were rumours that Le Fou had gay yearnings with Gaston or something,” he said.

“It turns out he dances with a guy in a dress in one of the scenes, that’s the whole thing.”

But McGregor was having none of it.

“Well no, I think he’s a gay character,” the Scottish actor responded.

Ewan McGregor had the most epic response to homophobic Beauty and the Beast haters

Colbert, surprised, asks: “He is?” before expanding: “I thought it turns out that it doesn’t actually say…”

And then McGregor landed the knockout blow to homophobic haters everywhere.

“It’s just like…it’s just like, he’s a gay character, and it’s 2017 – fuck’s sake, you know?”

And, appropriately, the studio audience exploded into applause.

His co-star McKellen also poked fun at the controversy last night, across town at the film’s New York premiere.

Ewan McGregor had the most epic response to homophobic Beauty and the Beast haters

Condon also directed him in Gods & Monsters, a drama about gay filmmaker James Whale, and with the stars taking to the stage, McKellen took the opportunity to make light of the situation.

He noted to the crowd that the new release marked “another gay extravaganza” for Condon, as reported by Variety.

McGregor, who has said he had to re-record his vocals for Lumière because he sounded too Mexican, has attracted plaudits in the past for playing gay characters with integrity.

He has taken on gay roles in I Love You Phillip Morris, The Pillow Book and The Velvet Goldmine, and has also long been an LGBT ally.

In 2010, he baulked at Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos’ giggly squeamishness at a photo of his same-sex kiss with I Love You Phillip Morris co-star Jim Carrey.

“That’s just two men kissing. In this age, in 2010, it’s extraordinary that it’s still an object of humour.”

Watch the whole clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert below:

Take Action Today: Sign this petition to call for more LGBT characters in family enterainment