Republican claims ‘demonic spirits’ are using Beauty and the Beast to make kids gay

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A former Republican state congressman has claimed that “demons” are behind the release of upcoming film Beauty and the Beast, in order to make kids gay.

Disney has come under sustained fire from evangelicals in recent weeks after news of a gay character in live-action remake Beauty and the Beast.

Though the character, Le Fou, is only seen fleetingly dancing with another man, it’s enough to upset Colorado Republican Gordon Klingenschmitt.

Klingenschmitt, who until this year sat in the Colorado House of Representatives, took to his talk show Pray In Jesus Name to claim that  “demonic spirits” are using the film to “recruit children into sin.”

In the clip, noticed by Right Wing Watch, the politician and evangelical TV host says: “I recommend a boycott of the movie… I recommend that Christian parents avoid having their children recruited into the homosexual agenda.

Behind the human actors, the Disney Corporation and the owners thereof are intentionally promoting sin to children. When we discern through the moral lens of human interaction with the demonic spirits, pride is a demonic spirit. Sexual immortality is demonic, but what about pride?

Homosexuals proudly marching in the streets… pride is the sin of arrogance, thinking that you’re smarter than God, your creator. If God made you male and female, but you want to be confused and celebrate the sin of being sexually immoral, there is a demonic spirit behind that.

He proceeded to lead a prayer to “stop the recruiting of our children into the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality”, adding: “Father, protect America from using cartoons to recruit children into sin.”

Obviously, Klingenschmitt could not be more wrong; the film is live-action, not a cartoon.

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