Televangelist claims Biden administration wants lesbians for ‘demonic military’ to help the Antichrist ‘take over the world’

Gordon Klingenschmitt

An anti-LGBT+ Christian activist has claimed the Biden administration is recruiting lesbians to create a “demonic military” to help the Antichrist “rise and take over the world”.

Gordon Klingenschmitt, who is an Air Force veteran and former Navy chaplain, said the army and the CIA are “actively recruiting lesbians” “thanks to the Biden administration”.

Klingenschmitt referenced “woke” recruitment ads released by the CIA and the US Army aimed to recruit a more diverse pool of candidates. The US Army cartoon ad follows the story of Emma Malonelord, a child of two mothers who was inspired by the strong women in her life to find her “inner strength” in the US Army.

Klingenschmitt condemned the “lesbian recruiting ads”, claiming that “Emma” is “serving her country admirably” despite her same-sex parents, who he said “struggled with sin”. Klingenschmitt then tried to decipher why the US Army and CIA might be attempting to recruit a more diverse pool of candidates.

“Behind the story is why the United States Army policy now to go out and bring people engaged in sodomy into the United States military,” Klingenschmitt said. “There are bureaucratic decisions being made at the Pentagon but also in the Biden administration too – this is sort of a new passion of theirs, to bring as much sin into the military as they possibly can.”

In a clip posted by Right Wing Watch, Klingenschmitt said got his information from discerning “the spirits behind what the Biden administration is doing”.

He claimed the military is “doing the opposite” of fighting ‘sin’ in the military – which he said he did as a Navy chaplain.

“They don’t want a holy military. They want a demonic military, and what’s the end goal of that?” Klingenschmitt said. “Ultimately, not only are they welcoming that kind of behaviour, but they are now punishing Christians.”

He attempted to back up his claims by briefly speaking about Army major chaplain Andrew Calvert from Fort Hood, Texas. Army Times reported Calvert is currently appealing an official reprimand he received for discriminatory comments he made about trans people on social media. Calvert’s comments came after Biden ended a service ban on trans people in January.

According to Army Times, Calvert wrote that reversing the ban was “rejecting reality (biology)” that a trans “person is mentally unfit” and “unqualified to serve”.

Gordon Klingenschmitt claimed on his programme that Calvert is being punished for “voicing a private opinion against transgenderism”. He then declared that Biden, a devout Catholic, is systematically rooting out Christians from the armed forces to hand over the reins to the “devil”.

“So they are purging the Christians and that demonic spirit of Antichrist is coming in to take over our military ultimately for one reason – that when the devil controls the American military, the Antichrist can rise and take over the world,” Klingenschmitt said.

Needless to say, people in the comments section ridiculed Klingenschmitt’s theory that a “demonic” US military is full of lesbians will lead to alleged rise of the “Antichrist”.

Gordon Klingenschmitt has a long history of making bizarre and hateful comments about LGBT+ people. During his time in the Colorado House of Representatives, he claimed that gay people should be banned from teaching because they set a “bad example” because of the “demonic spirit of homosexuality”.

In 2016, he asserted that Caitlyn Jenner needed to be exorcised of her “demonic illness” because she is transgender.

Before his election, he said that gay soldiers cause problems in the military because they take “breaks on the combat field to change diapers” as their “treacherous sin” means they “lose control of their bowels”.

Klingenschmitt proclaimed last year that Biden is forming a “transgender atheist army for the Antichrist” after the president thanked “gay, straight and transgender” Americans for their support in the election.