Adele helped gay couple get engaged in Australia – but they’re still banned from getting married

Adele helped a gay couple get engaged during a concert in Australia – where same-sex marriage is banned.

Proponents of equal marriage in Australia suffered a major setback last year when attempts to reach a cross-party deal on the issue were derailed.

Right-wing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refuses to permit a free Parliamentary vote on equal marriage, while pro-LGBT opposition parties ensured the defeat of plans to put proposals to a public vote.

But the uncertainty hasn’t put off two loving Adele fans, Chris and Wade, who got engaged at the Rolling in the Deep singer’s concert on Saturday.

She called up the pair during the concert at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne – and Wade took the opportunity to get down on one knee and pop the question.

Chris said yes, and the pair teared up before getting hugs from the music legend.

Adele seemed taken aback by the moment, saying: “I had no idea that was going to happen… that wasn’t planned!”

The couple may be waiting a while before they can get married, however.

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull – who is thought to have made assurances to his Coalition’s anti-LGBT wing during his leadership bid – recently rebuffed calls for a quick vote in Parliament on the issue.

Mr Turnbull told reporters: “Our policy on this is well-known, which we took to the election [last year].

“There should be a plebiscite on the issue first.

“The Labor Party has frustrated that by opposing it in the Senate, despite the fact that Mr Shorten only three years ago gave his very public and vocal support for a plebiscite which would give every Australians a say on the matter.”