10,000 booklets issued to football stewards to tackle anti-LGBT abuse

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Football stewards throughout England have been issued with pocket guides to dealing with homophobia.

The guides were issued as part of Kick It OUt’s ‘Call Full Time On Hate’ campaign.

10,000 booklets issued to football stewards to tackle anti-LGBT abuse

The decision comes as 402 incidents were reported to the body last year, 68 of which were homophobic, biphobic or transphobic.

The incidents represent a 4 percent increase in anti-LGBT incidents.

Kick It Out has issued ten thousand booklets to stewards across the country.

It is designed to “effectively challenge” abuse at football matches.

The booklet includes information on how to deal with homophobic, biphobic and transphobic discrimination.

It explains the role played by stewards and safety officers have in preventing abuse.

“It is important that Kick It Out continues to raise awareness of the issues which still blight our national game,” said Roisin Wood, Kick It Out’s chief executive to the BBC.

“These topics have long been taboos in the game, but thanks to the proactive work of campaigners we are beginning to see the football community recognise the positive impact LGB&T inclusion is having on the sport.”

A London football club is this year set to dedicate one of its matches to fighting homophobia for the first time.

Manchester United has teamed up with Stonewall to tackle homophobia.

The club has been applauded almost across the board for its decision, with footballers, fans and LGBT activists celebrating the club’s decision.